Breaking organisational boundaries, enabled by our national network of radiology customers

Collaborate by joining up the technology you have, no need for major image sharing procurements

What Evolution vRIS Connect can do for you

Maintain your existing RIS and PACS systems

Evolution vRIS Connect links RIS workflows across multiple sites, including Evolution vRIS Connect and other RIS systems. There is no need to replace underlying technology or to introduce new, often duplicate medical imaging solutions.

Complete cross boundary workflows

Evolution vRIS Connect has been designed to support multiple organisational workflows, including reporting, scheduling and vetting. These workflows can be adopted across single instance groupings or distributed installations.

Universal worklists and intelligent rules engine

The central dashboard enables clinicians to access the information they need using intelligent filtering. Smart rules can be set to allocate work centrally and displayed in accordance with local workflow preferences.

Key Benefits & Features

Using open standards means that existing PACS technology investments can be used.
User management technology allows the radiologist to be moved to the work seamlessly.
Universal worklists and rules engine collate work from the connected organisations.
Familiar user experience whether reporting locally or regionally.
Evolution vRIS Connect knows where the images are located across any connected sites.
Evolution vRIS has been doing full cross-site RIS workflows including vetting and scheduling for years.

Why choose Evolution vRIS Connect?

workflow and work management is ‘what we do’

We know radiology workflow

Both clinical and administrative workflows are our strength. Our specialist staff are industry experts and here to help your organisation succeed.

Latest technology

Ongoing major investment in our customer driven product roadmap. Built by our large UK based product development team and delivered by our expert RIS project managers.

National network experience

With its origins as the most widely used RIS in the UK, we have extensive integration and installation expertise and experience in delivering regional and national RIS solutions.

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